Leo Preston interdisciplinary artist
Fresh Factor and the Clones of Funk

A short version of Fresh Factor and the Clones of Funk premiered at Oktoberdans international dance festival in Bergen 22nd of October. New material was added for a slightly longer version at Cafeteatret in Oslo on the 25th & 26th of November. The ultimate full length version may not realistically come together before the accompanying album is ready for release in the early summer of 2016. In the mean time, however, there may be other sporadic opportunities to see shorter one-off versions.

There's nothing particularly new about producing your own songs at home and playing all the instruments, but Fresh Factor and the Clones of Funk is a unique live show in which one person performs a whole band, without ever hiding behind his laptop.
That person is me, and the songs were arranged and recorded at Wrap (arts centre in Bergen) where I developed the music studio, along side other professional production facilities for various types of art projects.
I now intend to release these songs as an album in the early summer of 2016. This will be a concept album in which autobiographical texts explore autonomy and democracy in our complex age of information, self-promotion and "big data". The idealism behind many of the complex projects that I’ve been involved in, provides an empowering perspective on what might otherwise seem like rather gloomy subject matter.
Elements of hip hop, reggae, funk and soul, culminate in soulful grooves and uplifting choruses, in a performance that’s firmly optimistic in spite of it’s dark themes, and that’s humorous without being banal.